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Aids in strengthening immune system

Bovine colostrum is particularly rich in immunoglobulin A (IgA) and the antimicrobial peptides lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase. Before the discovery of penicillin, bovine colostrum was used to treat various infectious processes in humans. While human colostrum is rich in nutrients, bovine colostrum contains nearly three times the energy and fat and five times the protein. Bovine colostrum is being studied as a wound-healing agent, an antimicrobial, and an anticancer therapy

Serum IgA concentration is 2-3 mg/mL, which makes it the second most abundant immunoglobulin in serum, behind only IgG with values of 12 mg/mL; however, IgA production by the organism is 5 times faster than IgG. Salivary immunoglobulin (A S-IgA) plays a protective role in mucosal areas such as the respiratory tract, genitals and gastrointestinal tract, and is considered important in the defense against pathogenic invaders.

The consumption of colostrum supplementation in adolescents involved in regular physical exertion. The authors observed that administration of 20 g of bovine colostrum supplement increased S-IgA production when compared to young women receiving a skim milk supplement.

The use of bovine colostrum in treating children with upper respiratory tract infections due to IgA deficiency and observed a reduction in the severity of infections. The researchers emphasized that the patients did not report problems related to the use of colostrum.

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