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What is Bovine colostrum?

The use of colostrum for the treatment of illness and for the maintenance of well-being dates back thousands of years. The Ayurvedic physicians and the Rishis of India have been using colostrum for medicinal purposes since cows have become domesticated. The use of bovine colostrum for human consumption has been explored for thousands of years in India, but its use as a dietary supplement is recent. Regular consumption may favor benefits such as Anti-aging, performance enhancer, improve nutrient absorption, strengthen immune system, better mental health, heals "Leaky GUT", osteoporosis prevention, reducing symptoms of arthritis and intestinal permeability, improvements in the immune system, and fighting cancer cells, among others.

Colostrum is also known as the “Life's first-food”. Like human colostrum, bovine colostrum contains a multitude of antibodies, which are proteins that help the immune system fight off bacteria, infections, and disease during the first stages of the life of an infant. Research now shows that the health benefits of colostrum, specifically bovine colostrum supplements, also provide a multitude of benefits for adults. The supplements are made from bovine colostrum that has been pasteurized, dried, and packaged into capsules.

Overall, bovine colostrum is one of the best supplements that can be taken by adults, and children that are no longer nursing, to our overall health. This is because it is a complex nutrients high in immunoglobulin G (IgG), which is an antibody that yields systemic immunity. Human colostrum only provides local immunity and primarily contains IgA. Bovine Colostrum helps balance the immune system so that the body can fight off infections or other illnesses.

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